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  • The ocPortal web development agency

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    ocProducts designs dynamic and interactive social websites, delivering sophisticated website solutions around the technology in our Open Source Content Management System (CMS), ocPortal.

    Fabulous websites that you are in complete control of!

    Skilled craftsmanship + First rate web design service + ocPortal technology = ocProducts

    We are a web design/development company based in the UK – but we do work all over the world.

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Our premise

Rather than building several 'pages' and calling it a website, we specialising in providing real tools you need to succeed in today's competitive online world of highly sophisticated beautiful social websites.

In addition, our first-class websites include practical tools (like SEO) that actually make a website effective.

Why not a regular web design company?

Through our unique relationship with ocPortal *1, you'll receive:
  • Service from a world-class web development company with an active web presence and public fan base
  • Cost-effectiveness, by leveraging ocPortal's features and avoid reinventing the wheel
  • A low-maintenance web solution with capacity for low-cost growth
  • An integrated web solution with advanced functionality and features
  • Software that has passed the tests of time
  • Reduced reliance on third-party software/technology: avoid buck-passing

Read more about our company's approach.

(we can do non-ocPortal solutions too, if appropriate)

We're not all about technology

It's vital that you get a beautiful web design that carries your brand and gives your users confidence:
  • We won't just use template, you'll have a real designer working for you, someone with experience
  • We include logo design, if you want it
  • Free use of professional stock photography
(if you're a design agency, we'll build your design)

We want your users to keep coming back to you, not a competitor. A great and charming user experience helps.

We make our projects partnerships

As our business partner you will get *2:
  • To liaise directly with a project manager in charge of your web design project
  • A free email account and domain name (if you take out our low-cost hosting option)
  • Inbuilt search engine optimisation and automatic search engine submission
  • Inbuilt web analytics
  • A website that is compatible with all the major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera)
  • Comprehensive support to make your site as successful as it can be (under our support account service)

We also have the skills and resources to provide all kinds of other design/development services as-required, such as user-testing sessions and mobile-app development.

The world-class web development team is waiting to hear from you

» To get started, open a ticket with your requirements. We'll respond promptly with a free quote *1, *5.

» Or, fill in our project briefing survey to tell us your website development needs directly.

The website design process

How do we do it?

Take a look inside our usual full-agency website design process *3:
Website design process
(click the diagram for a larger version)

The process begins with you submitting your requirements. There is no “one size fits all”: every web solution we do is written to the needs of that customer. We work to agree on a website development plan with a fixed-price quote, then submit diagrams and screen designs for approval.

After you sign-off, our website development begins. This phase includes regular progress updates plus thorough testing where we critically review our work against a wide range of quality and standards compliance criteria. Then we prepare a live demo for you to evaluate.

When everyone is happy, we deploy the new website, and remain on-call for further support needs with our Experts by the Hour service.

What do we charge?

For all full-agency developments, we charge our standard hourly rates which incorporate all our development costs. Currently:
Prices typically start from about £2,500 GBP for a professionally designed website, with £10,000 GBP being a typical amount for a website with a lot of awesome-new functionality.

You will receive your initial quote once we have identified your particular needs.

What to provide us

It is best if you can provide detailed specifications to design for, because it reduces the risk of misunderstanding and things go much more quickly. Examples:
  • Website objectives
  • Feature lists for development
  • Sketches of how screens should look (if you have strong ideas in this area)
  • Descriptions of behaviour
If you are too busy for this, or are not sure how to write a good web brief/specification then our project briefing survey provides a strong start.

If new requirements come up after the initial sign-off, they may have to be incorporated into your web development at a later stage. Such revisions usually involve a change to the quote, as well. This is why we try and work things out ahead of time and carefully match your requirements and budget.

Comparison to other web designers - don't get ripped off!

Be wary of web design companies
A lot (possibly the majority) of companies cut-corners and generally do a shoddy web design job. We've put together a document explaining what to look out for and another on pricing. We're upfront about our costs, most web design companies advertise their lowest quotes but have their highest-budget projects in their portfolio.

Insist your web designer provides a mature approach

Through experience we have learnt the need for taking great care in our work. We can create test sets, deployment plans, risk assessments, and (where appropriate) UML diagrams. Ask us how we will manage your shop-front responsibly, and if you are receiving quotes from other companies ensure that your quotes are made against the level of service you need.

Don't be fooled by a slick pitch

Plan your web development funding
There isn't much meaning to 'accreditation' logos, and some companies are known to get good testimonials by giving out freebies. Here are some demonstrable facts about ocProducts:
Local web designers may make a lot of bold fancy claims about expertise and technology, and have a few nice sites in their portfolio, but can they say anything like this? ocProducts is an International technology leader, but with all the business and creative excellence you'd want from a good web design company burning at our core.

(if another company says they have a CMS, can you actually demo it? Usually it is either something they've knocked together, or they simply claim something like Joomla or Wordpress as their own)

Agency or support ticket?

Full service agency, with direct project managers contacts, or online support tickets?
This page of our website relates to our agency service. We also have a support tickets system called “Experts By The Hour” that is available to you. This is our innovative service for providing great web support at whatever service level you require for an individual query – saving you money for small queries, and meeting urgency when needed (and no long-term service contract!). We have a document that helps you decide whether to choose our agency service or support tickets.

We usually recommend that large developments be done via our agency service (for example, a complete website design), then supported using a topped-up “Experts By The Hour” account. The agency service has many advantages: for example we can meet in person *4.

Project funding

There are roughly three kinds of web design project funding scenarios:
  1. New businesses, designed to make money with the website being the/a key foundation
  2. A necessary investment for a new/existing business (a capital cost to “keep with the times”)
  3. A non-profit project, such as for a charity or government organisation who need a strong web presence
Sometimes we see web design project ideas that we don't immediately see as viable as the foundation for a business. We try and do some level of market review when we write a project proposal, to identify competition, learn a little about the markets involved, and see what has sometimes not worked for other businesses in the past. We may make some suggestions on how to add additional differentiation to your original idea, or what marketing strategies you could use to reach your market.

Ultimately though it is important that you yourself consider your business plan carefully as there is quite a lot of expense and uncertainty starting a web design project on the modern web. If you'd like us to conduct a more thorough and formal review on your behalf please ask us to do so and we'll include that as an initial phase of the project.

Generally a business should see a website development investment like any other: write a proper business plan, then arrange an appropriate source of funding (for example it might be a personal investment, a company expenditure, or from an external business investor).

Working in partnership

As well as being able to provide a high quality full agency service, we enjoy working on web design projects with other professionals in partnership. For example, we can work with designers as a development provider – making the design and vision real, and implementing extreme technology as required. If you would like to work with us then we would love to hear from you.

The few web development things we cannot do

We don't do Flash websites. We work to W3C standards (the proper standards for consistent reliable accessible web-sites), and Flash isn't one of these. Flash won't work on iPads or iPhones, hurts search result positions, and is considered by some a 'rogue' tool in web-design. Modern websites can still be very flashy without needing Adobe Flash. Where it is needed (usually, for online games) we'll partner up with a specialist.

*1 – sometimes we'll put you in touch with one of our partner companies to provide your solution, in which case your business relationship and the project responsibility would be with this partner company and not ocProducts. These companies are chosen by ocProducts due to their experience of ocPortal, their established working relationship with the developers, and their experience running projects. They will often subcontract the most technical work back to ocProducts. We do this so we can focus on continuing to develop the world-class ocPortal technology, and because ocProducts doesn't always have the free staff capacity to run large projects when other trusted companies do. Also sometimes other experienced companies are better placed geographically to lead a project.
*2 – this is usually the case, but some projects may differ. The negotiated project scope takes precedence over what is discussed on this page.
*3 – our partner companies may have other processes, or the process may be tuned differently according to the needs of your project. The exact process should be confirmed during initial discussions.
*4 – for longer distance travel, we will usually need to charge for travel time and costs
*5 – if taking a quote would take a long time, we may give a price range indication while seeking to confirm you have a realistic budget, after which we'll produce a more accurate quote