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About ocProducts

This page lists the ocProducts management team. Anyone who can show a commitment to ocPortal can become an ocPortal contributor, and we list some of the contributors at the bottom of this page.

Chris is the original developer of ocPortal. He's a very well qualified and experienced programmer, and has also managed ocProducts from the start. He manages work for our clients, and also works to keep driving ocPortal forward. Chris has undertaken work for 15 FTSE-100 companies (that's 15 of the world's biggest), as well as many small and mid-sized organisations.
I am passionate about empowering people via software - opening up possibilities to people who have the ambition to achieve the very best but don't have a whole team to get it done.
Allen is a great designer who also has a technical background (he's actually the son of one of the early inventors of the Internet). Allen, also an expert in video work, is responsible for all creative elements in ocPortal - graphics, and also wider aspects of the design. His love for both creativity and technology makes him an excellent technical designer.
I believe design is about things looking great, but just as much about making difficult software ideas appear obvious. I love applying that creative energy to sculpt fun, natural experiences for everyone.
Robbie has been involved with ocPortal from the start, and while he isn't a programmer, he is heavily involved in feature design and testing. Robbie contributes to the feature design process with a perfect balance of technical experience and sense of user expectations. Robbie also serves as our Company Secretary. Robbie is very safety conscious.
I'm all about the user experience. Software should be enjoyable to use - whether that's due to cool features, or that feeling of gratification you get from seeing your site come together fast.

ocPortal contributors

Other contributors to ocPortal deserve as much fanfare as the ocProducts staff. Top external contributors include:

  • Philip Withnall. Philip worked on ocPortal for a number of years and was chiefly responsible for the chat room, blogging support, and the analytics system. He's a passionate coder, and loves to get involved with grassroots community projects. In addition to his work on ocPortal, he has been an active contributor to the Firefox and Gnome communities. He's currently studying at The University Of Cambridge.