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The client benefits from the combinative power of our CMS and app technology, our expertise, and our high standards

Why not a regular web design company?

Through our unique relationship with Composr you'll receive *1:

Quality service from a world-class development team with an active web presence and public fan base.
A streamlined future-proof solution with advanced functionality, including great admin tools and documentation.
Reduced time to market for your web property. Avoid reinventing the wheel, better focus for your investment.
With a solid architecture behind your site, and a large pool of available features, you're all set for website growth.
Software that has passed the tests of time. Composr's technology has been developed over more than a decade.
We're not just a practitioner of other people's technology. Side-step the excuses and buck-passing.

Read more about our company's approach.

(we can do non-Composr solutions too, if appropriate)

Going deeper:

We can deliver solutions bridging IT, web, mobile, cloud, and social media.

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The world-class development team is waiting to hear from you

Composr CMS is our main product, but we aren't restricted to the web. For example, we can also do app development via Composr Mobile SDK (our iOS/Android toolkit).

We can be your outsourced IT department. We'll bring great interdisciplinary expertise to you, without you needing to keep a range of people employed full-time.

Quick-fire awesome

  • Thanked by Facebook for helping them improve their tech
  • Sent free goodies by Google for helping debug Google AppEngine
  • We are rated highest by users for ‘Built-in Applications’ on the biggest CMS comparison website
  • A high percentage of webhosts supply our technology as a service to their users; including Amazon, and Microsoft

Photo of Chris Graham ocProducts is led by Chris Graham, the original lead developer for Composr.

We're not only about technology

It's vital that you get a beautiful design that carries your brand and gives your users confidence:

  • We won't just use a template, you'll have a real designer working for you, someone with experience.
    (if you're a design agency, we can build your design instead)
  • We can include logo design, and design of any other auxillary materials such as business cards and leaflets.
  • We have expertise and resources covering many design disciplines, including user experience (UX) testing.

A great and charming user experience is key to your success.
Just focusing on technology, or even content, is not enough.
We want your users to keep coming back to you, not a competitor.

We make our projects partnerships

We work toward your long-term success, so we'll provide *2

  • a project manager to liase with directly
  • inbuilt SEO tools and automatic search engine submission
  • powerful web analytics
  • a website that is compatible with all the major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Android)
  • comprehensive support to make your site as successful as it can be (under our support account or secondment services)

We also have the skills and resources to provide all kinds of other design/development services as-required, such as split testing and mobile-app development.

The production process

  • How do we do it?
  • What do we charge?
  • What to provide us
ocProducts process diagram
(click the diagram for a larger version)

How do we do it?

Take a look inside our usual agency website design process *3:

The process begins with you submitting your requirements. There is no "one size fits all": every web solution we do is written to the needs of that customer. We work to agree on a website development plan with either a fixed-price quote or a secondment agreement, then submit diagrams and screen designs for approval.

After you sign-off, our website development begins. This phase includes regular progress updates plus thorough testing where we critically review our work against a wide range of quality and standards compliance criteria. Then we prepare a live demo for you to evaluate.

When everyone is happy, we deploy the new website, and remain on-call for further support needs with our professional support or secondment services.

What do we charge?

For all agency developments, we charge our standard hourly rates which incorporate all our development costs. Currently:

Web designer: £40 ($56.56 ) per hour   ·   Web developer: £60 ($84.42 ) per hour   ·   Project manager: £40 ($56.56 ) per hour
(full rate card)

Prices typically start from about £3000 ($4,201.80 ) for a professionally designed website.

Web pricing can seem like a dark art. As an Open Source company, we also believe in open pricing:
For a discussion about typical pricing in the web design industry, see our pricing tutorial.

We charge around the same as other established UK/US agencies, but for this you get a company with extraordinary authority and expertise.

After containing us we have discuss your particular needs, before coming to a free no-obligation quote.

What to provide us

It is best if you can provide detailed specifications to design for; it reduces the risk of misunderstanding and things go much more quickly.


  • Website objectives
  • Feature lists for development
  • Sketches of how screens should look (if you have strong ideas in this area)
  • Descriptions of behaviour

Our Briefr system will step through most of the things you need to think about.

Alternatively, we can prepare it all through an in-person consultation process *4.

Ideally, start simple. See our "Project management and funding methodology" section below.

Project management and funding methodology

We recommend we work to an agile process based around a minimum viable product.
By starting simple, you can make sure all basic needs are met effectively, while minimising your commitment, and preventing too many risky assumptions becoming contractual obligations.

Agency or support ticket?

This page of our website relates to our agency service, intended for projects. We also have a professional support and secondment services available to you. Through support we can deal with individual queries -- saving time and money for small requests.
We have a document outlining the differences between our services.

Working in partnership

As well as being able to provide a high quality agency service, we enjoy working on projects with other professionals in partnership. For example, we can work with designers as a development provider – making the design and vision real, and implementing extreme technology as required. If you would like to work with us then we would love to hear from you.

Comparison to other web designers – don't get taken advantage of!

A lot (possibly the majority) of companies cut-corners and generally do a shoddy job, after selling you on a slick pitch. We've put together a tutorial explaining how to pick a developer. We're upfront about our processes and costs: most companies advertise their lowest quotes but have their highest-budget projects in their portfolio.


*1 – sometimes we'll put you in touch with one of our partner companies to provide your solution, in which case your business relationship and the project responsibility would be with this partner company and not ocProducts. These companies are chosen by ocProducts due to their experience of Composr, their established working relationship with the developers, or their experience and proximity to you. They will often subcontract the most technical work back to ocProducts. We do this so we can focus on continuing to develop the world-class Composr technology, and because ocProducts doesn't always have the free staff capacity to run large projects when other trusted companies do.

*2 – this is usually the case, but some projects may differ. The negotiated project scope takes precedence over what is discussed on this page.

*3 – our partner companies may have other processes, or the process may be tuned differently according to the needs of your project.
The exact process should be confirmed during initial discussions.

*4 – for longer distance travel, we will usually need to charge for travel time and costs. We are based in Sheffield, UK.

*5 – if taking a quote would take a long time, we may give a price range indication while seeking to confirm you have a realistic budget.
After this we'll produce a more accurate quote

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